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How does Kippu work?

Creating your event and its merchandise is easy to do with Kippu. (note that Kippu is invite only.) Creating an account won’t cost you anything, but a small transaction fee will be added to the total of any purchase in your shop.

You’ll be ready to publish your event within five minutes!

Your visitors can start purchasing entry tickets and any other optional merchandise for your event via their computer or phone. When the transaction is complete, the visitor will get a QR-code containing information on all the products they’ve bought. Should they buy anything else at a later stage, it will be added to the same code.

Time for your event! Visitors can collect their pre-purchased items at the entrance, by having their tickets scanned by your volunteers/personnel, this can be done with a smartphone or tablet. Creating more than one check in point for all or some of your products is easily administered through Kippu.

Your event is now completed, time to start planning the next one! Kippu will be by your side every step of the way. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to sell tickets, so that you can put your energy into making your event even more awesome.


It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to create an event from scratch with Kippu! We’ll help you with every step, and there are handy templates for the most common products.


We have made Kippu easy to use. It takes no time to create events, check on sales and receiving statistics. You won’t need any special equipment for checking in visitors, everything works from any smartphone or tablet!


As an organiser, Kippu will always be free to use! A small service charge of 10-50 SEK will be added to each purchase made. That’s it, no hidden fees! Using Kippu is never binding.


Why stop at selling admission? With Kippu, you can sell merchandise, travel tickets, hotel rooms - anything a visitor would need for your event! Having the money on your account even before the event will reduce cash handling at the door.

No binding period

Using Kippu isn’t binding, you can start and stop your sales at any time. Not satisfied, or did you find a better ticket system? No worries, our goal is to make Kippu perfect for you. We appreciate any tips and constructive criticism on how to make Kippu even better!